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Lincoln Extended Day

is currently fully enrolled 


And is operating off of a waitlist.

We maintain a chronological, "needs-blind" waitlist at Lincoln Extended Day.


If you would like to add your child to the waitlist, please complete the form using the yellow text link below. The form timestamps your submission, and your child will be chronologically placed on the waitlist for their current grade. 

How long does it take?

Please note that the waitlist can move very slowly, and it can sometimes take years to receive a placement offer. There is a high demand for our program, and in order for placements to become available, current families must unenroll from the program entirely, which is rare.


Do i have to re-apply every year?

No, you do not have to re-apply. Waitlists are continuous from year-to-year.  We automatically adjust for kids moving up to the next grade. The Director will send you quarterly updates pertaining to your child's progress on the waitlist.

What happens next?

As vacancies are filled, you move up on the waitlist until your child is at the top. When the next opening becomes available, the Director will send you a Placement Offer  via email. Your individual Placement Offer will outline the days/week being offered and any additional necessary information. You will have about a week to respond to the Placement Offer.


Full vs. partial placement offers

Sometimes, we are able to offer a full (5x/week) schedule, and sometimes we may only be able to offer a partial schedule. The availability of days will depend on our current enrollment.  Folks who are offered partial placements are automatically given preference to add days to their child’s weekly schedule if additional days become available.


It is much more likely that you will acquire a full schedule by joining the program with a partial offer and slowly adding days, rather than declining and waiting for a five day placement to become available. 

Accepting or declining a placement offer

If you would like to accept your Placement Offer, you will be prompted to complete a Google form that will initiate the registration process. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our Tiered Tuition System ahead of receiving a placement offer, as part of the process will be opting into a tuition plan.


If you decline, you will have the option to be (a) removed from the list, or (b) moved back down to the bottom of the list in case of potential future placement availability. If we do not hear back from you within the timeframe outlined in your placement offer email, you will be removed from the list.

Are there qualification requirements?

Yes. In order to qualify for a placement, all parents/guardians must be (a) working or (b) in school/training at least 30h/week.

What about cost?

The waitlist is "needs blind", meaning that, when you reach the top of the waitlist, a Placement Offer will be sent to you irrespective of your financial status.  We employ a Tiered Tuition System, and also accept MA state vouchers for childcare in order to keep our program accessible to as many families as possible. Tuition assistance may also be available to incoming students, depending on the year.


If tuition cost may be a barrier for you, we recommend determining if you are eligible for a state childcare voucher. If you are eligible, an active voucher can drastically decrease (or eliminate) your out-of-pocket cost to us. However, the state's voucher process can also take an incredibly long time, so if you have not yet checked your eligibility, we recommend doing so now that you've joined our waitlist.

My child is starting kindergarten this year. isn't there a kindergarten lottery process that bypasses the waitlist?

Yes. Each year, we also hold a Kindergarten Lottery process to accept the next batch of new Kindergarteners into our program. The 2023-2024 lottery took place on May 19th and all available slots have already been offered to participating families.

additional questions?

Additional questions can be directed to 


If you are a METCO family with an incoming Kindergartener who has not yet received your school placement, please  also email us directly.

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