Lincoln Extended Day is currently fully enrolled 


and operating off of a series of waitlists - one for each grade.

Lincoln Extended Day maintains a needs-blind, chronological waitlist for each grade between K-5.


Below, choose the form that matches your child's CURRENT GRADE. Your child’s name will be added to the Waitlist for their grade when you complete the form. The form timestamps your submission, and you are then chronologically placed on the existing Waitlist for that grade.  Our Assistant Director maintains the waitlist and will send quarterly updates on your child's position on the waitlist. 


Regarding how the Waitlist functions: If your child is #3 on the waitlist for 4th Grade, three currently enrolled Extended Day students in 4th Grade would have to leave the program before a slot would become available to your family. Preference is given to parents who are at work or in a school/training program on the days requested. We also honor state vouchers and tuition assistance can be applied for once you have been offered a slot.


As vacancies are filled, you move up on the waitlist until you are offered a slot. You do not have to re-apply. Waitlists are continuous from year-to-year. When an opening becomes available, the Assistant Director will notify you via phone or email.

If you would like to inquire about your child's position on the waitlist, please contact

If your child is currently in Kindergarten, and you'd like to add them to the:

RISING 1st Gr. Waitlist


Please email us at: