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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most common questions people have about Lincoln Extended Day. This list will be updated regularly to reflect new community questions and answers. Keep checking back!


What is Lincoln Extended Day?


Lincoln Extended Day is a private after school program.  Its mission is to:

  • Provide a safe, supportive environment during the after-school hours for children whose parents are at work or school

  • Foster children’s social, emotional, physical, and creative growth

  • Give children the opportunity to learn from play

  • Promote self-direction and discovery

  • Offer opportunities for children to make choices, explore interests, learn effective conflict resolution, and feel respected

  • Encourage honesty, creativity, sharing, independence, self-expression, and respect for others.  


How many children does LED serve?

LED is licensed by the Massachusetts Department for Early Education and Care (EEC) for 110 children per day.


Is LED connected to the Lincoln School or the Town of Brookline?


No.  LED is an independent non-profit overseen by a volunteer Parent Board and is neither financed by nor governed by the school, the Town or the PTO.



Who oversees Lincoln Extended Day?


LED is governed by a Parent Board made up of volunteer parents whose children are enrolled in the program and the Director of the program. The Board oversees the finances and functioning of the program, represents the families enrolled in the program, and supports the director and the staff.  Board members are not compensated for their service in any way. 


How do I enroll my child(ren) in Lincoln Extended Day?

Lincoln Extended Day is currently at operational capacity and therefore maintains a series of waitlists.

For children entering Kindergarten at Lincoln School in the upcoming year

Each spring we have many interested families whose Kindergarten children are starting school at Lincoln. Because we always nave more interested families than slots available, we hold an annual lottery for the amount of K slots we have available that year. To enter your incoming Kindergarten child in the lottery for this year, please fill out the K Lottery Form by visiting All students not selected in the lottery will be added to the Kindergarten waitlist in the chronological order they were pulled from the lottery.       


For children already attending Lincoln School

You may visit to add your child to the waitlist for their CURRENT grade. 


Why is my child on the wait list?


Once the number of children for which we are licensed is reached, all non-enrolled children are placed on a waitlist. 


How do children get into the program from the waitlist? 


LED maintains a need-blind (both financial and educational), chronological waitlist:

  • If there are no spaces available in your child’s grade, his/her name is put on the waitlist for that grade on the day you apply. 

  • If a space opens up in your child’s grade and he/she is next on the waitlist for that grade, the Director will notify you of the open spot. 

  • As vacancies are filled, you move up on the Waitlist until you are offered a slot.  You do not have to reapply. 

  • The waitlist is strictly chronological with the exception of siblings; if your child is offered a slot and you have another child who is also on the waitlist for a different grade, both children will be offered a slot, regardless of the second child’s position on the waitlist.


How can I find out my child’s position on the waitlist?


Our Assistant Director maintains the waitlist and will send quarterly updates on your child's position on the waitlist. If you would like to inquire about your child's position on the waitlist, please contact


How quickly will my child move up or off the waitlist?


There is no simple way to determine how quickly the waitlist will move.  In some years, there is a lot of movement, and in others, there is very little.  We suggest looking into alternative after school care for your child if you are not offered a spot. Your child can still remain on the LED waitlist, even if you have made other after school care arrangements.  


Does my ability to afford tuition affect waitlist standing? And what if my child has special needs?


No.  Our waitlist is need-blind and we provide tuition assistance for those who need it through our scholarship program. We accept all students and work collaboratively with families to devise the best staffing solutions to support all students.


Are there plans to expand the program?


Over the 2015-2016 academic year, the Parent Board (along with the Director and the staff) re-organized and expanded LED to accommodate more children. We were thrilled to be able to increase our enrollment by approximately 20%, however, we do not cuurently have the resources or the space to expand further at this time. 


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