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Subbing at Lincoln Extended Day!


Hello, lovely person! You've reached this page because someone at Extended Day thinks you'd be a great sub!


Some info about subbing at Extended Day:
Our program is socially oriented (as opposed to academically oriented), although we do offer a homework component for the older groups. Kids have plenty of free time each day, both structured and unstructured, and often need to navigate social situations of varying difficulties. The main cornerstones of our curriculum are promoting empathy, communication, and respect for each others' differences. Kids in our program are encouraged to notice, understand, and express their emotions. By teaching different tools and exercises for reflecting on behavior and encouraging reparative actions, our staff helps students problem-solve compassionately. We have fun too, of course! Crafts, Legos, movie making, music, games, cooking, sports, dancing, and theater are just some of the activities we love.
As a sub, you could be called to cover a staff member in any of the three age groups:
(K/1st - "Beehive", 2nd/3rd - "Sharktank", or 4th/5th - "Wolfpack"). Staff members will send you a text asking if you are available on any given date. Our staff do try to give subs advance notice when requesting coverage, but you'll get the occasional 'morning-of' text :) Please feel free to decline at any time, for any reason, and don't feel guilty. You'll get called on again!
If you're subbing, you'll arrive around 2:00 M-Th (or 1:15 on Fridays, as school gets out earlier) and be done around 6PM. Kids arrive at 2:30 (M-Th) or 1:40 (F). The extra time is for you to hang out with other staff, hear about the plans for the day and what your role will look like, have some lunch, etc.
Subs are not expected to ever be solely in charge of a group of kids, but rather are mostly there to support staff and their daily planned activities. We do incorporate a lot of free choice time during the day, however, and oftentimes individual kids need attention or engagement during this time. Dress is casual and comfortable. The current sub rate is $21/h :)
All Sub applicants will be required to schedule and complete a fingerprinting appointment with IdenteGo. We'll walk you through the process, and you'll be reimbursed the $35.00 fingerprinting fee upon receipt of your appointment slip. 

COVID Safety at Extended Day

  • All regular Extended Day Staff and Admins are vaccinated.

  • We encourage masks indoors at all times, for all students and staff, and visitors to the building. Our general culture amongst staff is that folks are generally masked while at work, although this is not required.

  • Lincoln School’s custodial team cleans and sanitizes high-touch surfaces throughout the school day and conducts intensive cleanings of school spaces each morning and evening. (Thank you, Frank, Robin, Moises, Marcos, and Carla!)

  • Lincoln School has tested the air quality in each room in the building, and implemented freestanding air filtration units in each room to ensure airflow exchange that meets national standards.

  • Hand sanitizer and extra masks will be available in all of Extended Day’s classrooms and also at main entry points of the school.

If all this sounds good to you, please use the Google Form below to apply! Our Assistant Director, Laura Kathrein, will be in touch with you shortly thereafter to request a CORI, resume/CV, and set up a time for you to come in and meet other staff members and see the school.
Any questions can be directed to, subject line "Subbing At Extended Day". Thanks!


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